Sunday, 2 December 2012

Latest craft fair

Just a quick post to say hello. I had another craft fair on Saturday at Carterton community center. Thanks for everyone that came. It was embrassing though as I had lost my voice!! I had to whisper the whole time. My voice is a little better today, but not much. Anyway I had a good time and my two little helpers, my young kids, Liam and Owen enjoyed it too. So much so that they came home and played shops/craft fairs before bedtime.

This months craft classes start on Wednesday, we'll be making the ornament (which is a few posts below). I've still got two places for this week is anyone wanted to join us.

Then Saturday is my last Christmas craft fair. This time it's in Oxford and is to raise money for Macmillian nurses, so a great cause. There's more details in the craft fairs tab.

Happy crafting.
Sharon x

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